The Sheepie® Yuna is an innovative rooftop tent with a unique design, your room with a magnificent view. It is easy to open and close your roof tent, remove the cover, extend the ladder, and open the roof tent in one movement. The Yuna is available in three different sizes, 140, 160 and Family (250). The smallest size offers a spacious roof tent for two persons and the Family edition offers sleeping space for four persons.

The patented tent construction is made from solid lightweight aluminum, and it fits almost every car. You only have to install your car load bars, or it can be installed directly to your existing roof rack. The tent frame poles are positioned on the outside of the roof tent, to create more living space inside.

The tent fabrics are very durable, high UV resistant, and waterproof. The Yuna roof tent has been airflow designed to prevent condensation. All openings have mosquito protection and several storage side bags are installed.

The integrated aluminum telescopic ladder provides easy access.

Tested under tough circumstances, with the Yuna roof tent, you can go camping in comfort and style. Travel wherever you like.